About   Us

Vipul group of companies laid its foundation stone in the year 1968, beginning with manufactures of Pigment Powder, Pigment Dispersion, Leather Dyes, Naphthols, Fast color bases, Fast color salts & Dyes intermediates.

What started as a small venture by Mr. Pravinchandra B. Shah bloomed, blossomed and expanded at a rapid pace and emerged to become Vipul Organics Ltd. a public limited company in 1994 under his able leadership, vision and whole hearted dedication.

While the company continued to grow, the credit of taking it to the next level goes to Mr. Vipul P. Shah, son of Mr. P.B. Shah and a chemical engineer by profession. It was his determination and vision to include Pigments in the product portfolio. The company has managed to become one of the largest manufacturers of pigments and pigment dispersions in the country.

The passion and burning desire to give innovative, yet affordable solutions to the customers and unrelenting dedication to serve quality products has made Vipul Organics Ltd. a trusted name with the clients.

The continued growth and expansion led to formation of several subsidiary plants. However, one thing remains common across the plants is strict adherence to quality norms, compliance of statutory formalities and industry best practices.

The company currently serves clients across broad spectrum of industries ranging from Textile, Paint, Printing Ink, Cosmetics & Food Industry, Plastic and several other industries and has presence in both local and international market. In fact, if you need colors of any type, for any industry, Vipul Organics Ltd. will serve the par excellent quality, guaranteed!

It is due to these high standards that Vipul Organics Ltd. continues its journey of growth even in its fourth decade and will do so for many more decades to come!

Vipul Organics Ltd. is a public limited company and is listed with the Mumbai Stock exchange.